How (Where) Do I start?

1. Determine if you want to achieve Certification now, or later. This will help you decide which level which level you want to consider.

2. Reading the Handbook is fundamental to getting a complete understanding of the certification requirements and the renewal requirements for each level, and how the certification process works.

3. Read the requirements for each level. If you want to apply for certification now, you can choose the one closest to your current SPHM responsibilities & experience. If certification is something you want to work towards over a longer period of time, then choose the one that your education and experience will support.

4. These competencies or “skills” form the basis of professional SPHM practice, and inform the application and examination requirements. Please note, that each level does not require complete knowledge or experience in all nine. Listed on the first page of each of each application, and in the Handbook, is an explanation of which of these competencies is expected for each of the 3 levels.

5. Completing a draft application enables you to see any gaps that you may have in the fulfillment of requirements. For example, for “Required SPHM Work Experience” you may need to work a longer length of time.

6. A Mentor can answer your questions, and can also review your Draft application and supporting documentation. This helps ensure you have fulfilled all the requirements and your application is complete. They can also explain how best to prepare for an examination, if for the C or P level.

7. You have an increased probability of reaching your certification goal if you set a target date, and continuously work towards it. Steady progress is effective at achieving personal and professional objectives.

Learn more about the SPHM certification process by clicking on the link to our Webinar entitled: Professional SPHM Certification – Taking the Next Steps