Becoming a Certified Safe Patient Handling Clinician (CSPHC) or Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional (CSPHP) is a rigorous process.  Only those applicants who receive portfolio approval will be invited as a candidate to take the exam.  You must test within 90 days of receiving an approval.  Examinations are administered via computer and through Live Online Proctoring (LOP).  Exam candidates are required to have a reliable internet connection, webcam capability, audibility, and telephone access.

Using the Examination Schedule, candidates will select a date/time within the 90-day timeframe. ASPHP Headquarters will email detailed instructions of what is required on the day of the exam. Any examination that must be rescheduled will result in a nonrefundable $55 rescheduling fee.

ID Verification
Identification will be inspected upon initiating the examination.  You will be expected to log on 15 minutes prior to your exam time to meet with your exam proctor for ID verification.  You will not be admitted into the exam without proper identification.  Your first and last name on your ID must match your first and last name on your application exactly.  No other forms of identification (e.g., credit cards, gym memberships, club memberships, etc.) will be accepted.  If your photo ID does not match what has been submitted to ASPHP Headquarters, then you will be prohibited from proceeding with the exam.  There will be no refunds issued for improper ID verification.    

Exam Environment and Security
Read all instructions thoroughly prior to taking the exam.  Each examination is timed for each credential:  60 minutes for the CSPHC exam and 90 minutes for the CSPHP exam.  The exams cannot be paused and will time-out after the designated time allotment.

Exams will not be rescheduled due to environmental distractions.  Therefore, it is suggested that a suitable environment be chosen to minimize distractions.  Before the start of the exam, you will be asked to scan the room with your webcam to show that you are alone and the area around you is clear.  The webcam and microphone must remain on for the duration of the examination.  The proctor will be present for the entire duration of the exam; however, the proctor will be unable to answer any questions regarding exam content once the exam begins.

All examinations are proprietary.  Exam candidates are prohibited from using any notes, reference material, recorders, or other smart devices During the examination.  All examination questions are the copyrighted property of the Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals™.  It is forbidden under federal copyright law to copy, reproduce, record, distribute, or display these examination questions by any means, in whole or in part.  Doing so may subject you to severe civil and criminal penalties.  Any candidate that fails to comply will immediately be dismissed from the examination.

Notification of Results and Scoring
You will receive notification of a  “Pass/Fail” status immediately following exam completion.  A minimum score of 75% is required to pass.  There is no grading curve, and scores will not be rounded.  If you achieve a passing score, a certification packet will be sent via US postal mail with information regarding your SPHM credentials.  If you do not achieve a passing score, an option to retake the exam will be provided.

Retaking the Exam 
Candidates will be permitted up to three testing attempts, including the initial exam, with at least a 45-day waiting period in between attempts. There is a fee associated with each examination retake. If a candidate who failed the exam does not reschedule or retake the exam within the one-year eligibility period, the application will be closed, and the candidate must submit a new application with applicable fees if they choose to proceed.