Retired Status

The Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals Board (CSPHPB) permits certificants to retire their certification status.  Retired certificants shall be able to maintain the acknowledgement of their status on the certificant registry with RETIRED next to their designation. The retired status allows certificants the opportunity to continue to stay active in the Association by serving on a committee or in another capacity, without the requirements of full certification.


  1. A Certificant can apply for retired status and return to full status one time. This must occur within a three-year period and, similar to the audit process, the certificant must provide documentation of their professional development hours (PDH).  This allows for those who retire to return to do consulting within 3 years.  After three years, retirement status becomes permanent; at which time a certificant would be required to recertify to return to full status.
  1. If certificants retire a second time, then retirement becomes a permanent status and a certificant would be required to recertify to return to full status.
  1. Certificants in retired status will not be audited nor need to track their PDH.

A certificant wishing to retire their certification shall contact the CSPHPB via Certified Mail.  The certificant must sign and date their letter requesting a change to retired status.  The  CSPHPB will acknowledge the retired status by providing an effective date via Certified Mail.  All Certified Mail correspondence to the CSPHPB must be mailed to:  ASPHP, Attn:  Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals™, 125 Warrendale Bayne Road, Suite 375, Warrendale, PA  15086.

The required annual retired maintenance fee is $25.  ASPHP Headquarters will notify the certificant when the annual payments are due.  When referencing their certification status, retired certificants shall provide their credential followed by “-Retired.”  For example:  CSPHA-Retired; CSPHC-Retired; CSPHP-Retired.