CSPHA Requirements

Certified Safe Patient Handling Associate (CSPHA)

Scope of Practice
A specialist in safe patient handling and mobility practice who has acquired sufficient field experience and knowledge to support training, education, and the ability to assist leadership in sustainable SPHM programming.  This entry-level of experience and knowledge has been verified through documentation of related work experience and education.

Anticipated Capabilities
Successfully use and instruct others in the correct use of SPHM application protocols and technology within the assigned healthcare environment.

Required Education/Professional Experience
A total of three years post-secondary education and professional experience in a related field may be in one area or a combination of both.

Required SPHM Work Experience
One year of SPHM-specific work experience where duties include responsibilities associated with an organization’s SPHM program.

Required Professional Development Hours
Ten (10) professional development hours (PDH) over the last two years relating to responsibilities in SPHM.  This may include training in the use of SPHM technology, skills for training others, or topics that would improve skills in promoting SPHM.

Required Letters of Recommendation
One letter from a Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional or two letters from supervisors, coworkers and/or SPHM colleagues familiar with the applicant’s work and involvement with SPHM. All letters must be dated within one-year of the application date and include the author’s signature, contact information (name, employer, title, telephone and email) and preferably be submitted on letterhead.

Required Evidence of Competence


Certification Renewal:  Every 3 Years
Upon each renewal cycle, certificants are expected to submit evidence of completion for fifteen (15) PDH during the previous thirty-six months.  All hours must be submitted on the approved Professional Development Audit Tool.