Inactive Status

The Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals Board (CSPHPB) permits certificants to apply for a one-time inactive status. A certification may be placed on hold and changed to inactive status for up to three (3) years from the effective date. Reasons a certificant may apply for inactive status include temporary or permanent disability, FMLA due to personal illness, caring for a family member, and loss of employment. The certificant shall acknowledge the inactive status whenever referencing their certification.

The certificant will not be listed on the Certificant Registry while in inactive status. The certificant must continue to pay an annual maintenance fee and accrue professional development hours (PDH) in accordance with their certification level. The certificant wishing to apply for inactive status shall contact the CSPHPB via Certified Mail. The certificant must date and sign their letter requesting a change to inactive status. The CSPHPB will acknowledge the inactive status by providing an effective date via Certified Mail. All Certified Mail correspondence to the CSPHPB must be sent to: ASPHP, Attn: Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals™, 125 Warrendale Bayne Road, Suite 375, Warrendale, PA 15086.

The required annual inactive maintenance fee is $25. ASPHP Headquarters will notify the certificant when their annual payments are due.

To return the certification to active status, the certificant must:

  • Notify the CSPHPB via Certified Mail, and remit the full annual certification renewal fee
  • Provide documentation of the required PDH in accordance with their certification level:
    • Associate – 3 PDH/per year of inactive status
    • Clinician – 4 PDH/per year of inactive status
    • Professional – 6 PDH/per year of inactive status