CSPHP Requirements

Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional (CSPHP)

The Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional (CSPHP) is recognized by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and included in the Demographic Data Collection Tool™ (DDCT) of the American Nurses Credentialing Center Magnet Recognition Program®.


Scope of Practice
An expert in safe patient handling and mobility who has acquired sufficient knowledge and experience to initiate and administer a comprehensive and sustainable SPHM program at any healthcare organization.  This superior level of knowledge and expertise has been demonstrated through written examination, related work experience, and authorship of unique safe patient handling research, program material and/or training information.

Anticipated Capabilities
Successfully develop and manage all aspects of a SPHM program.

Required Education/ Professional Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree plus 4 years’ experience.1
  • Graduate degree plus 3 years’ experience. 1

1 This includes those applicants with clinical licensure (i.e., RN, PT, OT).

Required SPHM Work Experience
Equivalent to 2 years full-time SPHM work-experience (e.g., 100% FT for 2 years or 50% PT for 4 years) where duties include responsibilities associated with an organization’s SPHM program.

Required Professional Development Hours
Thirty-six (36) professional development hours (PDH) over the last three years relating to responsibilities in SPHM. This may include training in the use of SPHM technology, skills for training others, or topics that would improve skills in promoting SPHM. Examples of topics include achieving culture change, ergonomic risk evaluation, and control/safety management. Please refer to the nine core competencies for additional information. If a topic is not directly related to SPHM, applicant will be required to include a brief explanation as to how the content enhanced your ability to manage a SPHM program.

Required Letters of Recommendation
Three letters are required: one letter from a current supervisor or client that can describe and attest to the applicant’s SPHM work, and two letters from SPHM colleagues or clients familiar with the applicant’s work and involvement with SPHM. All letters must be dated within one-year of the application date and include the author’s signature, contact information (name, employer, title, telephone and email) and preferably be submitted on letterhead.

Required Evidence of Competence
Submit two work products to provide formal evidence of competence in the area of SPHM.  This may include reports, assessments, publications, policies and procedures, or training materials.  Work products may be composed entirely by the applicant or in collaboration with others in the applicant’s organization.  If a collaborative work product is submitted, the applicant must be a lead author.  Authorship must be clearly listed. Documents provided by a vendor in support of technology or programming at the applicant’s organization are not acceptable.

Once the portfolio has been approved, the applicant will receive an invitation to schedule the CSPHC examination for one of the offered dates/times.  Examination topics include all nine core competency areas.

Certification Renewal:  Every 3 Years
Upon each renewal cycle, certificants are expected to submit evidence of completion for thirty-six (36) PDH during the previous thirty-six months.  All hours must be submitted on the approved Professional Development Audit Tool.