Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals Board (CSPHPB)

The Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals™ is governed by a distinguished group known as the Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals Board (CSPHPB). The CSPHPB manages all aspects of the Professional Certification and oversees certification and renewal, as well as examination development and management.

Duties of the CSPHPB include:

  • Developing and maintaining all policies and procedures related to Professional Certification, including certification activities, examinations, and fee schedules
  • Maintaining all certification records, logos and seals
  • Working with all committee members, advisors, and the ASPHP Executive Director to meet all standards for Accreditation status

Meet our CSPHPB

Kelsey L. McCoskey, MS, OTR, CPE, CSPHP

Chairperson, Professional Certification
Kelsey McCoskey has been an ergonomist with the U.S. Army Public Health Center for 20 years. In addition to performing applied research projects, site assessments, and handling regulatory issues, she is responsible for conducting training courses and the development and assessment of ergonomic programs. Her primary areas of interest include healthcare ergonomics and safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) program implementation, sustainment, and consultation. Ms. McCoskey is Lean Six Sigma green belt certified. Ms. McCoskey earned a BA from the University of Delaware and a MS in occupational therapy from Shenandoah University. She is adjunct faculty at the Uniformed Service University of Health Sciences. She is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and a Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional.


Sasha M. Latvala, BS, CSPHP

Chairperson, Certification and Renewal

Sasha M. Latvala is a Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Clinical Consultant with over 18 years of experience in acute, rehab, and long-term care settings and SPHM technology companies. She provides a broad array of SPHM services including expert witness for litigation, education and training, risk assessments, program development and implementation, expertise on the installation, and procurement of SPHM technology for renovation and new construction. She has lectured nationally on competency within SPHM education and training programs and the benefits of SPHM certification. Amid the current pandemic, Ms. Latvala has taken a greater interest in public health. She has published research on the impact of Covid-19 on SPHM. She is also currently the Primary Principal Investigator of a research study being conducted in New York State that is examining the effects of SPHM coordinators and the associations between work-related musculoskeletal injuries, proximal mental health outcomes, and patient-related safety events in ICU nurses in the age of COVID-19, with the intent of strengthening SPHM programs during the current pandemic and future public health crises. Ms. Latvala and her team have recently published the methodology for this research project in the International Journal of SPHM. Ms. Latvala has also taken on a supervisory role as a part of the New York State COVID-19 Contact Tracing Initiative, which has allowed her to play an active role in the pandemic.

In 2016, Ms. Latvala was a part of the URMC-Highland Hospital’s Safe Handling Task Force, which received an Excellence Award for Quality & Safety for her role as Principal Investigator of a pilot program on SPHM program development and implementation. The results of her team’s work were later published in the International Journal of SPHM. Last year, she was a contributing author to an AOHP-OSHA Alliance document on SPHM program development and implementation in the acute care setting.

Ms. Latvala received her Bachelor of Science from Drexel University and holds a Certification as a Safe Patient Handling Professional. While the vast majority of her time has been spent on the clinical side, she has also had the opportunity to work as a vendor, giving her a unique and well-rounded perspective. She is the current Vice President of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP), a member of the Board of the Directors, the Co-Chair of the Governance Committee, the Chair of the Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals™ Certification and Renewal Committee, and an Executive Member of the Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals Board (CSPHPB). Her passion is to educate caregivers and healthcare organizations on how to safely mobilize patients, decrease workers’ compensation rates, prevent caregiver and patient injuries, and improve patient outcomes.


Brad Dugan, PT, CSPHP

Chairperson, Examination
Brad Dugan is currently an Account Executive for Hill-Rom. He has over 25 years of clinical leadership and expertise as a practitioner of physical therapy in the areas of acute care and acute rehabilitation. He has over 14 years of dedicated safe patient handling and mobility experience with an emphasis to providing early and progressive mobility for his patients through SPHM practices. Brad works closely with many healthcare organizations assisting them to develop, implement, and sustain SPHM initiatives. He lectures nationally on the topic of achieving positive clinical and safety outcomes through SPHM practice.

He is a certified professional in the field of Safe Patient Handling and Mobility, has served on the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP) Board of Directors, and is the chairman of the CSPHP & CSPHC Examination Committee for SPHM certification. Brad is passionate about the importance of mobilizing patients early and often in a safe and effective manner and provides solutions to healthcare providers to achieve positive clinical, safety and financial outcomes.


Patti Wawzyniecki, MS, CSPHP

Ad Hoc Member, Past ASPHP President
Patti Wawzyniecki retired after working as an Ergonomist and Industrial Hygienist for over 35 years. She is a Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional. Patti initiated and supervised the SPHM program at an academic health center for 13 years and then conducted ergonomic risk assessments of SPHM programs at healthcare institutions around the country for HoverTech International. Patti also was employed by OSHA and the aerospace industry. She has spoken on SPHM at national conferences; presented webinars; and has published on this topic. She is the past president of the board of directors for ASPHP and is currently serving on several committees.