Everyone should know Certificant Code of Ethics

The CSPHPB requires that all certificants adhere to a professional Code of Ethics in an effort to support the practice of SPHM and to represent the industry in a professional manner. Certificants are expected to conduct themselves accordingly in the discharge of the following professional responsibilities:

1. All certificants shall conduct themselves in a fair, honest, and impartial manner, and shall always act with responsibility and integrity, observing the highest standards of ethical conduct in their professional capacity as they interact with employers, employees, clients, colleagues, and the public. Any conduct or practice which is likely to discredit the SPHM profession shall be avoided.
2. All certificants shall consistently use recognized evidence-based principles and practices when applying their craft, acting in the best interest of the public and the people they serve.
3. All certificants shall not misrepresent or act in a misleading manner with respect to their credentials (including retired status), professional qualifications, current or past responsibilities, accomplishments, and/or facts concerning employment or employers.
4. All certificants shall conduct their professional relations to the highest standards, avoiding any compromise of their professional judgment and conflicts of interest.
5. All certificants shall act in accordance with HIPAA and relative laws to keep and respect all information of a confidential nature, either business or personal, that might be acquired during the conduct of services.
6. All certificants shall be responsible for enhancing their professional development by obtaining and maintaining proficiency through continuing education, experience and professional training.
7. All certificants shall assume work assignments only when qualified through education, experience, professional training, and/or credentialing.
8. All certificants shall seek opportunities to share their knowledge and skills and promote the science and practice of SPHM in their various communities and professional interactions.