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Category: Early Mobility Devices, Mobile Lifts, Overhead (Ceiling- and Wall-mounted) Lifts, Patient Transfer Positioning Devices, Sit-to-Stand Assistive Devices, Slings for Patient Lift, SPHM Program Consulting, SPHM Training
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Guldmann GH3 room covering patient lift systems offer flexibility, reliability and safety for patients and caregivers. The lift is always ready to use with continuously charging in the rail. Lifts offer optional features such as an integrated weight scale or a drive motor run by a cordless remote control unit for independent operation. With Guldmann CareLift Management (CLM) software, all data regarding system use is recorded for downloading. With Guldmann service software, the operation of each lifting module can be monitored continuously. The display automatically indicates when any service is required. Guldmann GH3 patient lifts handle up to1100 lbs. Pioneering in Safe Patient Handling has been the focus of Guldmann Inc. for over 30 yrs. Safe Patient Handling for patients and their caregivers.