Jamar Health Products, Inc.

Category: Car Transfer Devices, Early Mobility Devices, Friction Reducing Devices, Patient Transfer Positioning Devices
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Contact Email: patrans@patran.net
Contact Phone: 414-529-5175
Company Website: www.patran.net
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Jamar Health Products Inc., sells PATRANĀ® single-patient, multiple use slide sheets and related products for safe patient handling. From repositioning and transferring movements to assisting caregivers in putting compression hose on a patient, PATRAN has a variety of uses to make a healthcare setting a safer place for patients and employees. PATRAN can help with safe patient handling tasks in just about every area of a hospital from emergency department to operating room, patient room to physical therapy. In addition to hospitals, paramedics, long-term care facilities and radiology clinics find PATRANs useful.